Mon, 04 Jun 2018

The Z900 RS Café adds another flavour to the range

Building on the already adored and fantastic base model of the Z900 RS, the Z900 RS Café adds a range of different accessories, a completely taken over paint job and a unique style that reminisces on the successful past of the café racer bikes, built to push the boundaries of speed. Along with a gorgeously classic aesthetic, the Z900 RS Café does just that, pushing the boundaries through the already critically acclaimed 948 cc engine.

A café racer front cowl, lowered café handlebars and a café racer seat contribute to the design to build the personality and appearance craved. Seriously vintage while bringing true racer soul through the lively engine.

Those looking to experience the road, whether it's the city or following the winding hills off to chase the sunset, should look towards the Z900 RS Café, as you're guaranteed to draw attention, enjoy each and every mile and experience a truly unique, one of a kind characteristic motorcycle. Get in touch today to secure yours, or pop in-store and come and see the Z900 RS Café up close and personal.