Fri, 01 Jun 2018

The all-new Ninja H2 SX - Supercharge your journey

With the city traffic behind you and nothing but open road and sunsets to chase, the H2 SX becomes free from burden and gives you access to the uncensored personality of the liquid-cooled, 4-stroke in-line four supercharged engine. Capable of unleashing 147.1 kW of power (200PS), it's immediately clear why the stress of your daily life gets left behind. 

Of course, comparing this model to the Ninja H2 brings around many questions, such as the heat output and fuel efficiency - luckily Kawasaki had the average rider in mind when designing the H2 SX, by revisiting the core mechanics and structure of the H2 engine, ensuring that fuel efficient and gratifying acceleration could be given for street riding, while still letting riders access exhilarating acceleration when needed that only a supercharged engine could offer. Moving less air overall, the engine manages to operate much quieter and gives the frame a lighter exhaust system due to the lower exhaust volume, saving 3 kg in weight across the chassis.

In addition to the engine changes and optimisation, the H2 SX sees a number of additions to increase rider comfort, ergonomics and even fuel efficiency by proxy via some of the changes to the body.  Now covered with full-fairing bodywork, the wind protection gives riders comfort and resistant to long-range riding fatigue and boosts the aerodynamic factor of the bike - subsequently aiding your speed and fuel efficiency. Along with the body, the riding position was relaxed from the base H2 model, giving a more relaxed bend to the elbows and knees and not pushing riders as far forward - while the high screen and bars still allow the rider to lean in and get the most of the monstrous performance waiting at the top of the rev range without struggling.

It wouldn't be fair to call this machine a capable Sport Tourer model without the spacious luggage facilities you've come to expect from other models such as the Z1000SX. Without worry, the H2 SX covers you with a clean-mount pannier system giving you very simple and easy access to all the supplies you'll need for those longer rides away. Tested at speeds only achievable by such a machine too, so you don't have to be gentle on the throttle.

Discover the open road without compromise of speed, comfort and capability with the all-new H2 SX and Ninja H2 SX SE. If you're interested in either model, why not get in touch with our team to learn more, or pop into one of our showrooms to take a closer look? You canfind directions to our Swindon branch here, and find our Abingdon branch here.